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Eftex Energy represents global reach, perseverance, passion and penchant for excellence.

Eftex Energy matches talents with opportunities in a quest to create value and achieve business growth for our clients.

Eftex Energy Services, LLC provides an array of services covering transactions/M&A, technology solutions, project management services and technical consulting to oil, gas, mining and power industries. We also offer a suite of training programs in Engineering, Scientific Analyses, Project Management Leadership & Governance, and Capability Development to the industries we serve.

Our impressive mix of sound academic background, industries knowledge vis-a-vis hands-on experience in leadership roles from some of the largest asset intensive companies, offers clients an uncommon blend of experience, leadership and relentless pursuit of excellence - these clearly separate Eftex Energy from its peers.

We are constantly looking for Subject Matter Experts and/or partners with relentless commitment to excellence, simplicity and an undeniable dedication to the values of openness, authenticity, tolerance and diversity - the central themes of our business.