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Engineering & Technology Solutions

Eftex Energy’s Engineering and Technology solutions cover the development and/or delivery of solutions/services that include, but not limited to:

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Well Engineering
Automated Reservoir Management
  • Joint integration of past records (geologic conceptualization, well log, seismic, time-lapse electromagnetic, core and production data for reservoir rock and flow property modelling using modern multi-core and GPU architectures
  • Characterization of global geologic continuity using novel connectivity-based parameterization techniques and field-scale exploratory and production data
  • Assessment of uncertainty in the estimation of reservoir connectivity through integration of measurement and model uncertainty to generate multiple plausible geologic scenarios
  • Dynamic reservoir characterization and probabilistic production forecasting
  • Simulation-optimization for reservoir re-development and management decision making
Intelligent Production Systems
  • Downhole well and reservoir monitoring and surveillance
  • Advanced and intelligent well completions design and operations
  • Distributed and zonal flow analysis
  • Water breakthrough detection and diagnosis
  • Cross flow detection and diagnosis
  • Online real-time performance diagnosis and optimization of stimulated wells
Assets Digitization and Optimization
  • Devices integration, industrial data communication and big data management
  • Model-based fault detection and diagnosis
  • Model-based reservoir-well-facilities performance estimation 
  • Model-based production optimization and integrated assets management
Facilities Design, Engineering and Operations
  • Online automated process plant model updating and calibrated probabilistic forecasting with real-time streaming single and distributed sensor measurements
  • Model-based equipment and pipeline conditions and/or performance monitoring
  • Closed-loop optimization and control for virtual integrated asset management
  • Online real-time reliability, risk and failure analysis
  • Automated real-time maintenance inspection and asset integrity management (including leak and blockage detection)
  • Conditioned-based predictive maintenance
  • Mass and energy management for petroleum refineries
  • Distributed power co-generation
  • Produced water management
  • Hydrocarbon flow metering
Quality Management System
  • Audit and Assessment
  • Inspection and Verification
  • Testing
  • Certification
  • Knowledge Management
Power Plant Engineering
  • Site Evaluation
  • Conceptual Studies
  • Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Studies
  • Gas-To-Power Plant Project Execution
Mining Engineering
  • Orebody Assessment
  • Resource Size Estimation
  • Advanced Geostatistics
  • Mine design & Project Engineering/Development
  • Technical Studies: Trade-off, Concept, Pre-Feasibility, and Feasibility
  • Production Reconciliation & Grade Control

We are available to meet our prospective Clients to discuss details around each service area, including live demonstration of some of our system’s capabilities and processes, including our state of the art Advanced Seismic Data Pre-processing and Processing software solutions, amongst others. We are able to conduct studies (Concept, Optimization, and Definition), assess existing systems’ effectiveness, recommend a safe, cost-effective and sustainable way forward, and carry out installation of simple intelligent systems, if need be.