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Eftex Energy Services, LLC provides expert services to Private Equity Investors, Individual Investors, New Start-ups, Owners, Contractors and Sponsors of Capital Projects.

Project types:

Most industries today are struggling to make decent profits because of the market conditions. These conditions have limited the type, size and number of transactions and engineering projects being developed anywhere in the world. In recognition of the lean portfolio of projects vis-à-vis the expected cost effectiveness and efficiency requirements, our team of engineers and project management professionals bring our expertise to bear on your Oil, Gas, Refining, Mining, Power, Chemicals and Infrastructure transactions and projects.

Our Senior Associates have extensive hands-on experience in all aspects of Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments (MA&D), Engineering and Technology Solutions, Project Management Services, Risks & Assurance, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Investment Governance, Planning, Estimating, Cost Engineering/Controls, Independent Project Audits, Stage Gate Peer Assists/Reviews, Opportunity Assessments and, Engineering and Project Management Training. They have, at various times in the last 40 years, delivered oil, natural gas, LNG, refinery, mining, power, chemicals and infrastructure engineering projects in different continents.

Eftex Energy provides end-to-end niche services in assessing, conceptualizing, optimizing, defining, and executing major capital investments through the deployment of a structured and disciplined approach to all aspects of initiation, studies, development, operations, and decommissioning. We focus on helping businesses bring strategies to live, in a manner that culminates in value creation and growth. Our business success-centric methodology of well-tested, techno-commercial judgement on every opportunity, in a fit-for-purpose manner, sets us apart from the competition.

Depending on our clients’ needs and/or preferences, we are able to work alone offsite, in our offices, or embed our resources in an Owner’s Team work environment. In any case and on a scenario by scenario basis, we strive for a work process that delivers the most value to our clients.

To identify and grow talents through the provision of niche services that culminate in value creation and business growth.

To be the world-class, engineering, project management and learning leadership firm driven by passion, integrity and a penchant for excellence.

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